9 reasons why FL Studio 8 is the best DAW period

FL Studio 8 will be released soon and it's time for me to announce that it will be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Before all you registered users get upset, you can get your own FL Studio download from the official site as an RC or release candidate.

1) FL as it exists today already has as much power (or more) than any other DAW. The automation is very extensive, it supports third party plug-ins. The sound engine is top quality.

2) The sampling capabilities will be even better. In addition to the FL Slicer and the recently added Edison WAV editor, you will be getting SliceX. It's kind of like an Edison + Slicer hybrid. Oh man is it great.

3) Edison is getting some new features. Things like Tempo and Pitch detection? You didn't hear that from me...

4) Build your own plug-ins? No F-ING way! Yes F-ING way! Synthmaker will be added to the FL mix, and that means that you can create and share an unlimited amount of plug-ins and effects. FREE.

5) It's the most affordable bang for your buck value in digital audio. The price will be going up by $50 in a few weeks, but right now the Producer version is only $149. Considering that you get lifetime updates, that means all of those lucky people that bought FL back at version 2 (or was it 3?) for $99 have been getting free updates for many years.

I suggest you look at this Warbeats FL Studio Promo link for 10% off the regular price and VIP access to the best FL Studio tutorial site around. That means for about $135 you get FL7 now, FL8+ when it's released and 3 months of VIP access at Warbeats. That's a value of $244 for only $135 if you buy today.

6) FL supports MIDI, Audio and Audio Recording. Many DAWs don't do all three. FL excels at all three. Sample directly into FL, Chop, Sequence, whatever.

7) FL comes with many great plug-ins from instruments to effects. Some do cost extra, but the stock ones are very good indeed.

8) Some say the stock sound samples suck in FL. Well the truth is when you BUY FL, you get access to 2 gigs more sounds online. Everything from drums to guitars to orchestra and more.

9) Warbeats offers the best FREE Fruity Loops Tutorials on the net today. This site has helped so many people learn FL and they also have over 1000 FL Projects to download and study. Most of them are remakes of popular songs so you can see how to do things like the pros! Did I mention the community is the greatest over there too? They are.

Think I'm FL Crazy? yeah I am.